I want to highly recommend Abigail for those looking for well woman care. I came to Abigail for assistance transitioning into peri-menopause. I wanted an alternative to the medical model of viewing natural changes as a ‘disease’ to be dealt with through unnecessary and invasive testing to “diagnose a problem” that leads inevitably to hormone treatments.

 Abigail offered a wealth of knowledge and information on dietary changes, massage techniques, and natural remedies that could boost my body’s own abilities to move through these changes gracefully. 

Abigail is an amazing healer who listens deeply and warmly and gently provides options and choices. Her massages are an absolutely treat. She’s a real gift for those of us adjusting to our middle-aged bodies!

Carol C., Non-profit Financial Consultant

As soon as I told a good friend of mine about our plan for pregnancy, she immediately referred me to Abigail and reported that Abigail had helped to guide her in her own pregnancy and transition to motherhood.  After having worked with Abigail from the months prior to pregnancy through the weeks leading up to labor and delivery, I now realize what my friend had meant.  While motherhood has been one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences in my life, I did not love being pregnant.  Abigail served as a wonderful support, a comforting guide and friend through the entire journey.  She listened to my concerns, sat with me through some very challenging times and massaged away the recurrent backaches that only a pregnant woman can know.  I feel very blessed to have had Abigail with me during my pregnancy and would highly recommend her to anyone embarking on this journey.


For well over a year, I had intolerable pain with my periods.  I took the maximum dose of anti-inflammatories.  I am a Western physician and found myself completely unhappy with what Western medicine had to offer.  My doctor said my uterus was lying to the right and my cervix was difficult to find on exams, but she also said that this had nothing to do with my pain.  I thought that Maya abdominal massage might help, and then I found Abigail.  The first time I got my period after starting her treatments, I didn’t even know I had started bleeding. I continued to improve over several months and have now had three normal cycles in a row!!  On my last doctor’s exam, I was told my uterus was in a completely normal position and that my muscles and tissues felt healthier.  Abigail is a true healer.  She offers miraculous massage and loving support.

J.B., Physician

Abigail brings an insightful energy to her work, and is an exceptionally attentive listener; she hears what you mean even if you’re not clear yourself. This translates to spot-on custom tailoring to your needs. The Holistic Pelvic Therapy work she does is life-changing. Anyone who is blocked from or misaligned with their pelvic energy–whether due to physical, emotional, or cultural causes–will benefit from this work, and begin to regain energetic balance that leads to a more grounded and flourishing life. Also great for general ‘tune-ups’. I wish I’d known sooner!


I have been receiving Arvigo Techniques of  Maya Abdominal Therapy from Abigail for over a year. I have found this therapy to be an incredibly empowering form of healthcare as it has been providing me with pain relief from difficult menstruation. Beyond this relief from pain, I was able to learn how to do this therapy from Abigail in the form of ‘self-care’ allowing me to work on myself at home. From this experience I have gained a deeper connection with my body and my health.  Abigail has been such a pleasure to work with through her focused, intentional healing presence and touch.

Samantha A., L.Ac

A very nice woman who really takes the time to answer all questions, and who has great experience and information.  She is a healthcare provider, and she does a really, really good job at that, because she truly cares and she has a variety of knowledge on how to avoid drugs and surgery if possible.

Belle G.

I highly recommend Abigail to everyone. I went to see her for a Mayan abdominal massage, she was so extremely attentive and thorough with discussing my body’s history as well as my future health and fertility goals. I learned so much and have rarely felt so completely trusting in someone’s hands. The Mayan Abdominal Massage was an amazing experience, extremely relaxing but effective. Before I got off the table I commented that I felt taller as though everything was where it should be again in my body. Abigail is the perfect combination of enormous depth of education, knowledge and experience with incredibly gifted sensitive intuitive feminine wisdom and touch. Very glad I went! I look forward to coming back to her for my future care – be it for more massage, women’s health check or midwifery services.

Rachael C.

I just took the most amazing weekend long workshop with Abigail. The course was Arvigo Self Care. We are lucky to have Rebirth Holistic here in Pasadena. Abigail has studied with Rosita Arvigo to learn Mayan Medicine.

In the course Abigail shared with us her breadth of knowledge and wisdom about Mayan Medicine, women’s anatomy and physiology, self massage, castor oil pack application, and flower essence bathing. It was a very elevating experience to be in a small circle of women being taught by such a knowledgeable, big hearted and warm midwife. If you need women’s care, or desire to be an active participant in your own healing partnership I highly recommend calling on Abigail. I am so glad that I did!

Abril R., L.Ac.

Abigail transmits Rosita and Don Elijio’s wisdom with great integrity and care. Her positive energy is comforting and inspiring. Her knowledge and experience is vast.

Joan N., CMT

Not only did Abigail impart the self care knowledge, but she went above and beyond to teach us and opened me up for more learning. Thank you for the time, knowledge and love shared!

Brooke S.

Abigail’s delivery of the material was a powerful blend of science and spirit. Coupled with her rich experience, I learned a lot.

Diana L.

Abigail is a seasoned teacher and has a wealth of information and resources. She uses a wide variety of teaching modalities to explain and test for understanding. She has an easy going and delightful presence and presentation that makes the learning fun and interesting.

Tara K.

Abigail’s many years of experience as a homebirth midwife and intimate knowledge of the female body profoundly informed her understanding of these ancient Maya techniques and her ability to teach this work with great depth. She is grounded in an incredible amount of knowledge of human anatomy and physiology that is woven with a palpable reverence for the wisdom of the shamans, curanderas, and midwives of the ancient Maya who used this abdominal therapy to treat many diseases and imbalances. Abigail fully embodies this wisdom and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with other women and healers. As a woman and a midwife, I found this workshop invaluable and am eager to continue to learn this healing tradition and integrate it into the care I give.

Jaime S., Licensed Midwife