Planning for a baby takes the same care and consideration as planting a garden. Just as one would want to clear and nourish the soil and use the best quality seeds for a vibrant, healthy garden, so it is essential to detoxify and nourish the body, prepare the womb, and improve overall health and egg (and sperm) quality before planning to conceive.

A woman’s eggs take three to four months to mature from primary egg cells before they are ovulated, and everything that she consumes or is exposed to during that time will effect their quality. It takes about three months of regular massage for uterine ligaments to heal to correctly support a malpositioned uterus. Male sperm once made, also take about 3 months to mature, and any toxins they are exposed to during that time will effect their health. Thus, in order to optimize fertility, it is essential to begin this preparation of one’s body – as the potential garden to nourish a growing baby – at least three months prior to desired conception. During this preparation time of cleansing, detoxing and nourishing, I recommend that couples use a barrier method of contraception to avoid pregnancy.


Depending upon other health imbalances effecting fertility, a woman may even need to take up to 6 months to prepare for conception.

Due to their age and fear of decreasing fertility, some women do not want to take the necessary time to improve their health prior to trying to conceive, as every passing minute implies increasingly “old eggs”. In actuality, by detoxing and improving the diet, eliminating nutritional deficiencies, increasing antioxidants, balancing hormones and reducing stress, one will actually turn back the hands of time, slowing aging and increasing fertility.

In working with Abigail to support your fertility, you will look together at your nutrition, lifestyle and overall health to determine areas that need to be addressed. A personalized combination of diet/herbs/supplements, pelvic steams, fertility charting, castor oil packs will be chosen to complement the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. In addition, Holistic Pelvic CareTM and CranioSacral Therapy can support healing and fertility and may be synergistically combined with the Arvigo Therapy®.

 “The uterus is related energetically to a woman’s innermost sense of self and her inner world. It is symbolic of her dreams and the selves to which she would like to give birth. Its state of health reflects her inner emotional reality and her belief of herself at the deepest level.”
Christiane Northrup, MD, Author
“The female pelvis is a powerhouse of energy transformation: the very throne of creation through which universal creative energy patterns course and flow.” 
Rosita Arvigo, DN


Pregnancy is a time of exquisite transformation, when your body, psyche and identity are changing. Whether it is your first baby or third, you need nurturing care and support through this process. I have served hundreds of pregnant women over the past 25 years, as a doula and midwife, and I understand intimately how to support you through this time by listening, providing information and resources, and honoring your unique transformation.

Historically, Maya midwives regularly performed abdominal massage as a vital part of the prenatal care they gave in order to make for easier pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. I first trained in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® in 2008 so that I could enhance my clients’ experience of pregnancy and birth by offering this modality as part of their prenatal appointments. I found that not only were my mamas more comfortable in their pregnancies with regular Arvigo Therapy®, but also they experienced easier labors, closer to their estimated due dates, and their bodies rebounded smoothly after birth.

As your baby and uterus grow, there is additional strain put on the nine uterine ligaments, your pelvic floor muscles and pelvic ligaments. Regular massage helps your uterus be well-positioned, receive a good blood supply, and grow strong and resilient for labor.

Since Arvigo Therapy® includes special massage and stretches for the posterior body too, your lower back and pelvic bones are kept well-aligned which prevents many of the discomforts caused by the musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy. Better uterine and pelvic alignment allows for optimal fetal positioning before labor, facilitating an easier birth. In addition, the massage will help digestion improve and relieve heartburn.

In my experience, CranioSacral Therapy is a lovely complement to Arvigo Therapy® in pregnancy. Whereas the latter supports the musculoskeletal system, CST supports the nervous system which in turn helps optimize all the functions of the body. Mothers find that they drop into a deeply relaxed and meditative state, where they connect and bond with their babies.


Arvigo Therapy® can safely be performed after the first trimester. I can teach my clients how to do a special self care massage routine for pregnancy. This can help promote relaxation and deeper connection with your body and growing baby. CranioSacral Therapy can be received at any time.


The recommended frequency of pregnancy treatments is as follows:

Once a month until the 3rd trimester
Once every other week until 36 weeks Weekly until birth
Twice weekly if past the estimated due date


Ixchel, Maya Goddess of the Moon, Childbirth, Medicine and Midwifery. Maya pregnant women made pilgrimages to her temples on the island of Cozumel, Mexico to pray for a happy, healthy, handsome baby.

As soon as I told a good friend of mine about our plan for pregnancy, she immediately referred me to Abigail and reported that Abigail had helped to guide her in her own pregnancy and transition to motherhood.  After having worked with Abigail from the months prior to pregnancy through the weeks leading up to labor and delivery, I now realize what my friend had meant.  While motherhood has been one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences in my life, I did not love being pregnant.  Abigail served as a wonderful support, a comforting guide and friend through the entire journey.  She listened to my concerns, sat with me through some very challenging times and massaged away the recurrent backaches that only a pregnant woman can know.  I feel very blessed to have had Abigail with me during my pregnancy and would highly recommend her to anyone embarking on this journey.  – S. P.