In-Depth Consultation

In person or from a distance, Abigail meets with you to conduct a thorough evaluation and recommend potential strategies for optimizing your wellness experience. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as determined by the plan of action chosen.

What to Expect: After examining your comprehensive Intake Form prior to our appointment, we will begin by meeting in person or via phone or video chat. Together, we will go over your health history in detail, discuss any concerns you may have and your wellness goals. Based on your needs, I will potentially request diagnostic tests as well as make recommendations that may include dietary changes, herbs/supplements, lifestyle modifications and supportive therapies. We will work together to determine your best way forward to optimal wellness and schedule follow-up appointments as appropriate to track your progress, making changes as necessary along the way.

Initial Appt                   1.5  hours | $150
Follow-Up Appt          1.5 hours  | $150

I want to highly recommend Abigail for those looking for well woman care. I came to Abigail for assistance transitioning into peri-menopause. I wanted an alternative to the medical model of viewing natural changes as a ‘disease’ to be dealt with through unnecessary and invasive testing to “diagnose a problem” that leads inevitably to hormone treatments.

 Abigail offered a wealth of knowledge and information on dietary changes, massage techniques, and natural remedies that could boost my body’s own abilities to move through these changes gracefully. 

Abigail is an amazing healer who listens deeply and warmly and gently provides options and choices. Her massages are an absolutely treat. She’s a real gift for those of us adjusting to our middle-aged bodies! ~ Carol C., Non-profit Financial Consultant

Abigail brings an insightful energy to her work, and is an exceptionally attentive listener; she hears what you mean even if you’re not clear yourself. This translates to spot-on custom tailoring to your needs. The Holistic Pelvic Therapy work she does is life-changing. Anyone who is blocked from or misaligned with their pelvic energy–whether due to physical, emotional, or cultural causes–will benefit from this work, and begin to regain energetic balance that leads to a more grounded and flourishing life. Also great for general ‘tune-ups’. I wish I’d known sooner! ~ S.S.