Abigail Reagan

Inspired by the birth of my second child with midwives in 1989, I felt called to attend to women during this powerful and transformative time in their lives. Training first as a birth doula, then a childbirth educator, then an apprentice midwife, and ultimately completing California midwifery licensure in 2003, I have had the opportunity to work with women in home, hospital, and birth center. Through my experiences, I came to believe strongly in women’s inherent wisdom and power, and the importance to support them during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to connect with their inner resources.

In my years of working closely with women, I came to understand and trust that our bodies have innate wisdom and an ability to come into homeostasis – balance – when supplied with the foods, nutrients, and supportive therapies we need. I observed first hand the power of the mind in this process and how intricately interwoven it is with the body’s function. Patience, mindfulness, loving-kindness. These are the virtues I cultivated in myself in attending women through their process of pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering. These, too, are medicines for the soul, as potent and nourishing as the foods we eat or the herbs we take. I encourage each woman to embrace them for herself.

Though I have retired from attending births, I see my role as a midwife as a guide to assist women to bring forth their own personal change – be it giving birth, healing their bodies, or coming into their own higher potential. Each time we allow and embrace change, we awaken to something new. Midwife means “with woman”, and this ancient, woman-centered practice honors a woman’s right to be well informed, to be respected in her wishes, and nurtured in her process.

Rebirth Midwifery

I am a Licensed Midwife who has been supporting women since 1993. I created and taught the Birth Doula Training program at Natural Resources in San Francisco for 12 years. My curiosity and holistic approach to women’s wellness led me to extensive studies in nutrition, homeopathy, herbology, prenatal exercise, Energy MedicineCraniosacral TherapyVisceral Manipulation, the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Maya Spiritual Healing,  and Holistic Pelvic Care™. I draw upon these multiple modalities in the healing work I bring to my clients.

I studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute as well as Craniosacral Therapy for Infants and Craniosacral Therapy for Pregnancy with Carol Gray at the Carol Gray Center for CST Studies in Portland, Oregon. I studied Visceral Manipulation Abdomen 1 (VM1), Visceral Manipulation Abdomen 2 (VM2), and  The Pelvis (VM3) with The Barral Institute. I studied Holistic Pelvic Care ™ with Tami Lynn Kent, MSPT.

I have been a student of Dr. Rosita Arvigo‘s since 2008, having completed Professional Care Training, Certification Training, Advanced Pregnancy, Advanced Clinical Practice, Teacher Training, Beginning and Advanced Spiritual Healing, and Wisdom Circle with her. In addition, I am a Certified Arvigo® Self Care teacher, offering prerequisite classes to those who want to pursue professional level trainings with the Arvigo® Institute.

Using an integrated approach of nutrition and lifestyle guidance, manual therapy and personalized care, I work with women at all stages in their lives to support healthy menses, fertility, digestion, pregnancy, sexuality, menopause, and beyond.