Maya Spiritual Healing

The Maya believe in a life force energy called ch’ulel that is present in all living creatures, plants, rocks, water and prayer. When a person experiences a trauma that causes a great fright or grief, some of their ch’ulel can be separated and left behind. This results in a “spiritual illness” that can leave one with ongoing fears, anxiety, sadness, depression, lack of vitality and even physical symptoms.
Maya spiritual healing uses the healing power of water, plants, copal and prayer to call back your ch’ulel, to nourish and honor your spirit body, and connect it with your physical body. It is compatible with any spiritual or religious practice. The only requirement for the healee is that you pray to whatever you believe in that is good and greater than yourself – be it God, Allah, Creator, Goddess, the Divine, Source, the Universe. Maya spiritual healing is appropriate for anyone of any age, including babies.
Dr. Rosita Arvigo learned spiritual healing from her mentor, Don Elijio Panti, the renowned Maya shaman of Belize, with whom she apprenticed for 13 years. I, in turn, learned from Dr. Arvigo during Introduction to Spiritual Healing, Advanced Spiritual Healing and Wisdom Circle, all in Belize.
What to Expect: We begin with the “platica”, a brief discussion about your reasons for seeking Maya spiritual healing and when you first noticed your symptoms. Then you will change into a sarong and relax on my treatment table. I will begin by smudging your body and auric field with copal, a tree resin from Mesoamerica that has a long history of use in the sacred rituals of the Aztec and Maya peoples. Then I will begin a series of prayers for your healing (remember, there is ch’ulel in prayer!) as you too pray to your higher power for healing. I continue the cleansing of your auric field with a plant and flower-infused blessing water while calling back your ch’ulel from what ever time, place or dimension it is stuck in. I make the blessing water just for you in the traditional Maya way – with with respect and prayer to the plant spirits for your healing – using plants from my garden such as hibiscus, rose, oregano, rue, flor de susto and basil. I will share with you any messages for your healing and well being that I receive from Spirit. Afterwards, you will receive a jar of your personal plant/flower water blend to use at home in a bath.
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Abigail transmits Rosita and Don Elijio’s wisdom with great integrity and care. Her positive energy is comforting and inspiring. Her knowledge and experience is vast. ~ Joan N., CMT